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We are a Bible-based training school offering a 3-Stage Biblical Prayer Course to Christians who want to deepen their walk with God thereby achieving Spiritual Growth in their Prayer Life.


We teach, equip and empower Christians in a classroom setting across the United Kingdom in England, Scotland and Wales.


A Response to the Call of the Saints on "Lord Teach us how to pray".


RCCG School of Prayer was birthed in response to the cry and yearning of the saints from all over the world, most especially from the United Kingdom at large on how to pray aright, know the heartbeat of God and learn the Art of effective praying that bring about results.
The Redeemed Christian Church of God UK is answering to the call of the Saints by opening a School of prayer for all Nations with a difference where Christians from all walks of life are taught how to bring down the power of God and establish God's will on earth as it is in heaven through prayer. 

One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.” Luke 11:1 9 (NIV)






Our primary aim is to teach, equip and empower Christians in the Art of Prayer. In doing this, firstly we believe that we can win this Nation back to Christ and see Revival in the United Kingdom.
Secondly, we believe that we can impact the world through the Alumni and Alumnae of the School of Prayer. 



Our Course is a 3-Stage Biblical Prayer Course aimed at new Christians and matured Christians from all walks of life who wants to achieve Spiritual Growth thereby deepening their relationship with God. Our course is a foundation necessary for anybody with a desire to build up a solid Christian faith and a robust Prayerful lifestyle or Prayer Ministry.


Our Teachings are accompanied with Bible-based teachings in theory and practical exercises that will equip Christians from all walks of life on a Spiritual journey with God.
These teachings will be carried out at our various well-structured classroom environment, located all around the United Kingdom.  


The School of Prayer is for everyone with a genuine desire to know how to pray and pray aright. We are equipped to deal with people from all walks of life: Clergy, Church leaders, Church workers, Church members, professionals in the society, Home-makers, Students, anyone with a burden to pray.


Everyone who wants to learn how to pray effectively in the name of Jesus Christ is welcome.





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