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Speaker Team Volunteer

What's the Speaker Team?

RCCG School of Prayer Speakers are a great group of people who love to pray and want to help us promote the school, recruit prospective students, raise vital funds and raise awareness of our mission to offer the Biblical Prayer course to the world at a heavily discounted rate.


They give their time to speak on behalf of the RCCG School of Prayer in their own church and other local churches. They fulfil speaking requests that the RCCG School of Prayer receives and some help to represent the School of Prayer at events like Festival of Life, Worker's Rally, Ordained Minister's Conference etc.

What would I be doing?

  • Visiting churches in your area to ask them to support the RCCG School of Prayer financially and prayerfully. You can use our stories, news updates and testimonials to tell everyone about what we do and how, when people pray, their lives can change for good.

  • Recruiting sponsors/donors for the School of Prayer students who are unable to afford the cost of the course fee

  • Holding or speaking at events to raise funds for the RCCG School of Prayer.

  • Visits could be to churches or social groups and might involve taking whole or part of a service in leading a mid-week or a Sunday prayer meeting.

How much of my time is involved?

  • As much as you want to give. As time is precious, we make volunteering for the School of Prayer as easy as we can so that you can enjoy every moment.

  • Each year, we’d expect you to carry out several speaking engagements. You might drum these up yourself by approaching church leaders, linking up with Prayer Groups or speaking with the Church Team Members in your area. We might ask you to visit a church to fulfil a request for a speaker that we have received.

  • You will need to attend at least 1 training event per year to ensure your resources are up to date and you are equipped to share the vision of a world where everyone has deeper knowledge and understanding of prayer for their families and communities.

What’s in it for me?

  • By joining the team of the RCCG School of Prayer volunteers, you’ll be using your skills and experience to offer prayers to the world. We offer reasonable travel expenses and training opportunities where required. You’ll be part of a great team, and we hope you’ll see churches become inspired and engaged as you share our mission with them.

How can I help?

More questions?

Contact us so we can help you get started.
Call: 0207-171-1030
Write: The Redeemed Christian Church of God Central Office UK, RCCG School of Prayer. Redemption House, Station Approach. Knebworth, Herts. SG3 6AT

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