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Our Curriculum


Our Curriculum is broken down into three stages with three main focus areas on a deeper walk with God in Prayer, Spiritual Warfare Prayers and Intercessory Prayers.



Duration - 1 Saturday a month for six months

The 3-Stage Biblical Prayer course runs One Saturday in a month or two Saturdays in a month where previously agreed upon and it runs for approximately six months.



The Modules

Students are taught four modules per class and eight modules in total per stage. Each class is an intensive one full day of deep biblical teachings and classroom exercises on prayer.


Attendance & Assessments

We run prayer exercises in the class, home assignments and teaching assessments. Attendance also forms thirty percent (30%)


Prayer Day & Prayer Retreat

Students are expected to participate in the School of Prayer Alumni Prayer Day, RCCG Prayer Day and the School of Prayer Students annual Prayer Retreat. Please note that there is a separate cost for accommodation, transport and food for the Prayer retreat.


Finishing the Course

Assessments form a major part of the completion of the course and attendance forms thirty percent (30%) of the assessment. Upon completion of the course with satisfactory results, students will be put forward to the graduation committee who will determine and assess their overall results for the graduation ceremony which usually takes place in October of each year.


Graduation Ceremony

Upon the satisfactory results at the end of the course, students will receive a certificate in Biblical Prayer course at the graduation ceremony each year. Please note there is a cost attached to the graduation ceremony which will be confirmed to each graduand towards the time.


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